Maine COVID-19 Guidelines

Tidal Expeditions | Maine Fishing Charters | June 1, 2020

Maine has always been on the forefront of outdoor guided pursuits and has continued to be during these unusual times. Early on in this pandemic, Maine leadership began working to develop the necessary guidelines to allow us to keep our small business running, provide this traditional service and safely enjoy the fishing season.

Tidal Expeditions will be doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of our clients and ourselves while maintaining a high quality experience. Capt. Mike is tapping into his background in the medical field and proficiency in sterilization techniques to ensure each customer is able to enjoy a clean and healthy environment aboard each vessel. 

For our out-of-state customers who have already booked trips, we can still fish if you are able to complete a two-week quarantine ahead of time or provide a negative test result. Residents of New Hampshire and Vermont are exempt from these requirements. We are in direct contact with Maine DMR and will continue to monitor the state and federal guidelines.

If you are not able to make the trip due to COVID-19 complications we ask that you consider putting the deposit towards a later date. Clients who wish to reschedule will be given first priority as to future dates/tides. If the trip needs to be cancelled, refunds will be available.

Hand sanitizer and cleaning products are readily available and we ask that customers bring their own water, food, sunscreen, bug repellent and rain gear. Additionally, clients must arrange their own rides to the meet up location.

Although we run technical fishing skiffs which are on the small side, we spend a great majority of the time fishing where the guide is at the back of the boat and anglers have the front providing an adequate level of separation. It is our top priority to keep customers and ourselves safe during this time. 

We are sensitive to individuals’ needs, and will work with every customer to ensure a safe environment where we can all be comfortable and enjoy a day on the water.

The state guidelines are being updated on a regular basis, please call or visit the links below for current information.

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