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Targeting Striped Bass and the
Inshore Gamefish of the Northeast

Captain Mike Roy is a Casco Bay native with a passion for chasing striped bass.

Casco Bay’s many islands and peninsulas preserve the secluded feel and undisturbed beauty of Maine. While the lively city of Portland is just minutes away, the bay offers a scenic feeling with unobstructed coastline and abundant wildlife. The setting and productive coastal ecosystem come together to make this a world-class destination.

Mike has spent much of his life fishing and exploring the northeast coast from the Kennebec River down to Cape Cod in search of the best zones for targeting stripers in shallow water. His genuine enthusiasm for fishing along with with his intimate knowledge of the coastal habitat creates unforgettable days on the water.

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Casco Bay and Striped Bass

Casco Bay intersects the sandy beaches of southern Maine and the characteristic rocky coast of the downeast region. Numerous rivers and creeks flow into estuaries acting as the spawning grounds and nurseries for many of the bay’s inhabitants. Acres of productive tidal flats stretch across the bay creating many opportunities for sight fishing. Large tides help to keep the bay nutrient rich and provide optimal water temperatures all season long.

The stripers arrive along the Maine coast in late May looking to replenish calories lost during the spring migration. The bay is ready for them with the herring, sand eel, shrimp, and crab these fish love to eat. As the resident schools settle into their summer routine, they begin to regularly move across the shallow water flats to hunt their prey. In September and October, when the fish group up to prepare for the fall migration, it is common to experience blitz style feeding frenzies at key points in the tide.

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Mid Season Report

Welcome to! The website and blog are now operational but continue to be a work in progress. The past few seasons have been great for striped bass in Maine and this year is no different. We started out with a huge push of young stripers on their first migration up to see us. These young fish provided […]